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PRODUCTS > Short-Term E-PermĀ® Radon Test Kit

Short-Term E-PermĀ® Radon Test Kit

Get a quick snapshot of the radon levels present in your home

Electret Ion Chambers are used for short-term radon tests (2-10 days). Short-term radon tests can be useful to get a preliminary idea of radon levels present in a home, or to provide short-term confirmation of the efficacy of a new radon mitigation system. Health Canada recommends following up the results of any short-term radon test with a long-term measurement to make informed decisions about mitigation. Only a long-term test should be used to determine the average level of radon gas exposure within a residence. 


When conducting a short-term radon test, it is necessary to establish closed-house conditions to allow the radon levels to stabilize. When a radon measurement is less than 4 days in duration, closed-house conditions are to be established for the 12 hours immediately prior to starting the test and maintained for the duration of the test. If a radon test is 4 days or more in length, closed-house conditions are to be set up at the time of the start of the test and should be maintained for the duration of the test. If closed-house conditions are not established prior to the start of a short-term radon test, the results are considered invalid.


Closed-house conditions include:

  • Windows should stay closed at all times
  • External doors opened only for entry and exit
  • Attached garage doors should be opened only for entry and exit
  • Fireplaces should not be operated during the test, unless it’s a primary heat source
  • Clothes dryer, range hood, and bathroom fan operation should be limited to the minimum necessary


Included in the purchase of a kit:

  • One C-NRPP approved E-Perm® Radon Detector.
  • Deployment instructions.
  • Laboratory analysis fees.
  • Final radon report.


If the results of a short-term test exceed 600Bq/m³, the report will present the average radon concentration as >600Bq/m³ due to the measurement constraints of a single E-Perm®. If a more exact radon concentration measurement is desired, then additional testing may be required. 


This item is non-refundable due to quality control protocol and must be returned.




*Due to the nature of the device, the E-Perm® must be deployed within one week of receipt in order for test results to be valid.   
*The E-Perm® must be returned to LEX within one week of the end of test date for results to be valid.


Pre-addressed return labels can be purchased with the test kit for an additional fee.  See related products below.


E-Perm® Short-Term Radon Detectors shall remain the property of LEX Scientific Inc. while in the custody of the client and upon return of the E-Perm to LEX for analysis.  The client is responsible for the sum of $200.00 for any E-Perm which is not returned and in good condition to LEX or for each device not received back 30 days after deployment.

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