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Biological Control and Facilities Disinfection

Leaders in Preventative Health and Safety

LEX Scientific has extensive experience providing guidance for cleaning, infection control and

preparation of health and safety protocols in commercial and institutional facilities. 


As leaders in taking a proactive approach to health and safety, LEX is able to identify, assess

and provide guidance in the mitigation of occupational hygiene hazards.


COVID-19 Coronavirus Prevention and Infection Control

With the recent COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, LEX is working with 

businesses and institutions to ensure the health and safety in and around the

working environment. LEX has extensive experience preparing cleaning and disinfection

plans, as well as assessing quarantine room cleaning and ventilation requirements.


Health Canada and the US CDC have general recommendations highlighting the efficacy

of regular hand washing and the use of alcohol based disinfectants to reduce viral



LEX can assist in preparing a site specific health and safety plans to ensure

viability of ongoing work in necessary services including logistics and materials handling

while providing strong preventative measures to manage staff health and safety.

Disinfection of Hands; Health Care Cleaning


Please contact us for assistance in managing hygiene and infection control measures at your facility.