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Have you already tested your home or business and want to reduce your radon concentration?


Are you interested in employing preventative measures in new construction or renovations?


LEX Scientific employs an experienced team of highly trained C-NRPP certified Radon Measurement Professionals and Mitigators, and experts on radon resistant construction to help you fix or prevent a radon problem. We have extensive experience designing and constructing radon mitigation systems for single/multi unit residential, commercial and institutional large-scale projects. We provide expert consultation on radon resistant construction for new builds and renovations in accordance with national and provincial standards and building codes, as well as published radon mitigation standards. 


As a member of multi-disciplinary design teams, the LEX Radon team works with architects and engineers to provide effective, proactive radon resistant design packages for new commercial, industrial and residential builds.


The LEX Radon team has been working with the City of Guelph at the forefront of municipal action against radon in Ontario. In 2015, with our consultation, the City of Guelph implemented the Radon Gas Mitigation Program to proactively address radon gas in new buildings and additions. This program is the first of its kind in Ontario and has received praise from the Canadian Cancer Society for its approach to minimizing radon gas exposure and increasing public radon awareness.



“This program will save lives.”1

- Karen Griffiths

Senior Manager, Canadian Cancer Society, Waterloo Region and Wellington County Community Offices



More information about the Radon Gas Mitigation Program can be found on the City of Guelph website.





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Radon Resistant Construction Consulting  Guelph Police Headquarters


Radon Resistant Construction Consulting 
Guelph Police Headquarters 
New Construction and Renovation 


This is a picture of the Guelph Civic Museum.


Radon Resistant Construction Consulting 
Guelph Civic Museum 
Major Renovation

This is a picture of a residential radon mitigation system.

Residential Radon Mitigations
Various Locations throughout Ontario 
Large-Scale Radon Mitigation Design and Build  Elementary and High Schools in Southwestern Ontario


Large-Scale Radon Mitigation Design and Build 
Elementary and High Schools in Southwestern Ontario 



1 Griffiths, Karen. (2015, September 12). City’s radon gas program will help save lives. Guelph Mercury Tribune. Retrieved from HERE.