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PRODUCTS > Long-Term Alpha Track Detectors (Bulk)

Long-Term Alpha Track Detectors (Bulk)

C-NRPP approved Alpha Track Detector. Contact us for a quote.

For quotes on bulk orders, please contact us directly by email or phone (see our Contact Us page).


The RSKS Alpha Track Detector is a Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) approved radon measurement device. Alpha Track detectors measure radon concentration by detecting the alpha particles coming from its decay process. The main component of the RSKS Alpha Track detector is the CR-39 chip that is invisibly damaged by each alpha particle. The CR-39 chip has a measuring range of 2-20,000 Bq/m3. When the Alpha Track detector is returned to our C-NRPP approved lab, the tracks on the chip are developed by an etching process. As a result, the tracks become visible and are then counted by fully automated equipment to calculate the average radon concentration of the testing location.


Long-term radon tests are recommended by Health Canada because they provide an accurate representation of annual average radon concentrations. Long-term tests are performed for a minimum of 90 days, ideally during the winter when houses are sealed up and radon concentrations tend to be at their highest. A long-term test will yield results that can be compared to the Health Canada guideline (200Bq/m³) to determine if mitigation is recommended.

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